Wide Awake di Strike Twelve

Testo di Wide Awake - Canzone di Strike Twelve

Wouldn't you like to gouge out someone's eyes just to see inside their head?

I'm wide awake, lying on the floor while she's sleeping in the bed.

I've got a lot of debt that's running me out of my mind, how much longer will this last?

I run around but I end up where I was before, because I'm going nowhere fast.

Where do you go when there's nowhere left to go?

What do you do when you never do what you're told?

Step in line, you're not original anymore.

You get advice but you don't know what it's for.

I fucking hate picking up other people's slack when I can't pick up my own,

Here's a knife, so just put it right in my back and leave me the fuck alone.

I never win so I don't know why I play, but I'm addicted to the game.

I can't fix any of my problems, so I guess we're all the same